Please contact me for rates:

  • Canon K35 uncoated flare 35mm PL lens T1.3

  • TLS Morpheus 80-200mm T2.8 PL zoom lens

  • Tokina Cine 11-16mm T3 PL zoom lens

  • Optex 2x PL doubler
  • Easyrig 3 cinema 750N 
  • Blue bars modular handheld kit 
  • Small HD DP7 onboard monitor
  • Go Pro Kit
  • 2 x Sekonic L-758 light meter


  • Set of Tiffen Pearlescent PV  
  • Set Mitchell Diffusion PV
  • Set of Tiffen Glimmerglass PV 
  • Set Antique Suade PV
  • 'Bruno Aveillan' inspired Diopter Set
  • Set of 138mm Diopters
  • Set of 138mm Split Diopters 
  • 138mm Schneider True Circular Polariser
  • Set of S/E ND Grads PV
  • Set 138mm Tiffen NDs 
  • Optical flats